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ALMA Soprano ice

AWARD Winning Soprano Hair Removal System. Soprano Ice Hair Removal is carried out by advanced physicians as well as hair removal clinics around the world. It combines multiple laser wavelengths and technologies by leading it to be the safest and advanced technology out there , resulting in satisfied customers.

This Laser technolgy is virtually painless and PROVEN safe .Soprano ice allows to treat wide range of patients .

All Skin Types

Tanned Skin

Full Coverage Rate


Zero Downtime


Price List   Per Session


Under Arms    $75

Bikini $85

Brazillian $150

Half Arms $125

Full Arms $150

Half Legs  $150

Full Legs $180

Upper Back/ Lower back $90

Full Back Special  $175

Butt $120

Stomach$ 125

Chest $120

FULL BODY  HOT SALE $270 (valid only till FEB 2022)

Hands/Feet  $45

Face sides $50

Cheeks $60

Chin $65

Neck $50

Upperlip $50

FULL FACE HOT SALE $90 (Valid only till  FEB 2022)

** Shaving fee of $20 applies if treatment areas are not shaved 24 hrs prior**

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